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The team at The Digs is made up of a group of energetic, loving, caring, passionate and dedicated individuals who will ensure that your stay with us is pleasant and memorable throughout your varsity life. Their willingness to go that bit further for you, is what makes them so unique.
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The ultimate luxury room for someone who values privacy and does not want to share their space with anyone else but themselves. This room is cozy and comfortable, with enough space for you to do as you please. The room includes curtains, a single bed, cupboard, book shelf, study desk and chair. You will find the kitchen facilities including the bathroom and toilet facilities on the same floor as the room and these you will share with other responsible DIGnitaries. The cool part about this room option is that you will find it in all our locations, however, it usually is the first room to be taken.

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This room option is ideal for someone who is looking to share with a fellow student and enjoy the benefits of having someone to spend time and study with. The room is spacious enough for you and your roommate to move around and study in. Choosing this room means you will have your own bed, wardrobe, book shelf, study desk, desk lamp and chair for you to use. Each floor has its own communal bathroom and kitchen that are cleaned by our cleaning staff on a daily basis.

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For those special lively people who believe in the saying “the more the merrier” this 3 sharing room will definitely be your favorite. Unlike other rooms, this room offers you an opportunity to build friendships and partnerships with more than 1 person. Allowing you the chance to obtain and share knowledge with more people. The person who chooses this room will have their own bed, cupboard, bookshelf, study desk and chair in a room with two more individuals. Kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities will be shared with other responsible DIGnitaries on your floor. If you are looking for an environment that provides a sense of community, then this kind of room is exactly what you need.

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